Water All Around the World

Author: Living Waters for the World January 5, 2017

This VBS curriculum teaches children about the importance of clean water, about places in the world where there is not enough clean water (Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Ghana, Mexico) and then shows them how they, at VBS, can help provide such water. This curriculum is a revision of the earlier 2013 edition; this version organizes the five days of VBS around the five countries introduced. The curriculum teaches children about God’s use of water as an agent of creation, salvation, blessing and health, so the scripture selected for each day centers on God’s use of water: Hagar and Ishmael, Water from the Rock, Noah’s Great Flood, The Baptism of Jesus, and the Woman at the Well. In addition, an optional “bonus” set of activities is included to demonstrate the complexity and science of water. This thoughtfully constructed, flexible, affordable curriculum gives churches the opportunity to engage children in mission while teaching them more about the Bible, about other cultures, about other places in the world and about God’s love for all God’s children. For more information or to order go to http://www.livingwatersfortheworld.org/pray