Rome: Paul and the Underground Church

Author: Group Publishing January 5, 2017

This 2017 version of Rome from Group Publishing is a re-printing of the 2009 version.  Children travel in mixed-age “families” of no more than ten people through the marketplace of Rome where they meet Paul and members of the underground church who talk with them and introduce them to their religious life and culture. The leader guide urges the importance of a well-rehearsed drama team for this enactment of Paul and the Christ-followers. The scripture lessons all come from Paul’s letter to the Romans. Activities include all sorts of options for marketplace shops: clean water for children of Peru, carpentry, architecture, wreath making, leather working, metalworking, scribe activities, a toga shop, an animal sacrifice shop, a food shop. One nice thing about using a curriculum about Paul and the early church for VBS is that so many Sunday School programs cover Old Testament stories in the fall, Gospel stories in the Spring until Easter and then end in May for the summer without getting to Paul and the growth of the early church. Summer is, then, a nice time to round-out the children’s educational plan to include Acts and/or Paul’s letters. This program from Group introduces children to Rome as a setting for the early church and to some aspects of Paul’s faith. For more information or to order go to https://www.group.com/category/ministry-resources/childrens-ministry/vbs/rome.do