Leading Into The World

Author: Paul Galbreath January 9, 2017

If we as Christians believe that worship is paradigmatic to the Christian life, then it matters a great deal what we say in worship. This book by Dr. Paul Galbreath looks at how worship can help us become better stewards of the earth. In the seven chapters, Galbreath provides a comprehensive discussion of various aspects of caring for the earth even as he teaches readers about themes, images, and words present in scripture that guide us to be a better community of stewards. Each chapter contains sample/suggested liturgies for worship leaders such as prayers for illumination, prayers of dedication, confession and pardon, and organizes these liturgies around the church year. This resource will be helpful for worship leaders but will also interest anyone who wants to better understand the call to care for creation as central to discipleship. For more information or to order go to https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781566997195/Leading-into-the-World