Kids and Prayer

Author: Rachel Hackenberg March 16, 2017

From the author of Writing to God, this DVD study resource guides children to a deeper understanding of the practice of prayer: what it is, why we do it, how we do it, and where we do it. The DVD segments are ten minutes long; the discussion guide offers suggestions for leading children to chat together about what they have watched and to connect the ideas to their everyday lives. The discussion guide also encourages teachers to be creative in leading children to do activities that will reinforce the learning such as tracing their hands on paper and writing each prayer type on each finger.

This resource would be useful for a month of Wednesday evening meetings, or as a supplement to another Sunday School curriculum. Teachers could use the DVD segments in connection with Bible stories; for instance, when teaching the story of Jonah and the big fish, teachers could connect  the story of Jonah praying from inside the fish to the topic of prayer. In this way, the study could be a way of deepening children’s experience with the Bible stories and their growing awareness of Christian practice. For more information or to order go to http://www.paracletepress.com/Products/7954/kids-and-prayer-dvd.aspx