God For Us

Author: Greg Pennoyer & Gregory Wolfe, editors January 12, 2017

This daily devotional book for Lent/Easter from Paraclete Press is a companion volume to the Advent/Christmas text God With Us.  Daily devotional reflections about New and Old Testament selections, and prayers, are written by a group of ecumenical North American writers such as Kathleen Norris, Beth Bevis, Scot Cairs and Richard Rohr. Each writer contributes entries for one week. The editors have gathered a very striking collection of art pieces to pair with the writings– paintings from artists such as Paul Gaugin, Wilson Bigaud, Pieter Brueghel, Jean Dubuffet, and Luis Cruz Azaceta. The art selection reproductions are large and colorful and gives this hardback book a beautiful appearance. Paraclete also offers this product as an e-subscription. For more information or to order go to http://www.paracletepress.com/Products/7688/god-for-us.aspx